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Our new brand, Nexus by FaCad’oro is
now a fact!

The quality silver jewelry now acquires the status it deserves from
FaCad’oro, the large Greek jewelry design and production company.

The Nexus by FaCad’oro brand consists of separate collections in a minimal
design but exuberant appearance, covering basic geometric and stylistic

Our goal was the original design with the possibilities provided by the
silver 925 (platinum or gold plated in gold and pink) and not just the
conversion of gold jewelry into silver.

The result is the creation of a series of silver jewelry that can meet all
the requirements of the modern woman who wants to be elegant and charming in
every appearance.

We also did not forget the modern man with silver bracelets of modern

See in the following videos a complete presentation of the Nexus
collections, with our stylistic suggestions and opinions.

(click here to see the Nexus collections)

Nexus full version:
Nexus short version:

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