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FaCad’oro is a second generation family business with a grand tradition in the design, production and distribution of gold jewelry. Its success is based on the quality of the product and the company’s respect towards aesthetics. FaCad’oro pioneered and invested in the value of gold jewelry at a time when the jewelry industry in Greece was virtually inexistent. The company was created in 1976 by four brothers. They had been working as jewelry distributors for several years. It was their love, devotion and persistence that initiated the creation of their very own jewelry business, FaCad’oro (Fabrica Cadena d’Oro) which in Italian means Factory of Gold Chains.

The products that are distributed in the Greek and Balkan markets are manufactured in Greece. Its innovation is due to the constant training of its craftsmen in Italian as well as other European factories. Being innovative themselves, the four founders manufactured the first Greek chain made of gold, a product consumers associated the company with from the very first moment it was released. The extensive marketing campaigns and television advertisements form an important part of the company’s history. The slogan ‘gold brings us closer’, which FaCad’oro used in all of its marketing campaigns during the 90s, is still engraved in people’s memories and even inspired prominent television celebrities, who used it extensively.

Today, FaCad’oro is managed by second generation founders, who remain loyal to the company’s traditional values, seek excellence in quality and above all respect their consumers, employees and suppliers. Moreover, they ensure that the company is equipped with the latest technology so as to achieve excellence in quality and design. Simultaneously, the company has managed to upgrade its expertise and production line and adapt it to the most modern standards. FaCad’oro continues to develop, creating jewelry of exclusive designs, inspired and created by Greek as well as foreign designers.

FaCad’oro’s collections as well as its limited edition pieces of jewelry are available in exclusive boutiques as well as authorized stores throughout Greece and abroad. Its collections offer a wide range of products made of 14 or 18 carat gold as well as creations carved with precious or semi-precious stones.

Every piece of jewelry is engraved with the company’s stamp and accompanied by a written guarantee of authenticity and value.

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